What is new since version 1.4.1?
First of all I tried to make vehicles a bit more real in appearance and especially in length. The only new vehicles are double-decker cars Bpjo and Bmo(for those, who do not want to use electric traction in commuter service), back in the set is locomotive T499.o(the only diesel locomotive of ČSD with allowed speed over 100 km/h).

Because some of you play TTD without experience in real railway operation, I have added one simplification - electrical and diesel MUs are now purchased as a whole consist.

If you add 1 after the line with CSDset in newgrf.cfg (openttd.cfg) you will get czech description of passenger cars, without that it will be in default four languages of TTD.

Known bugs in this version

  1. Locomotive class 477.o does not have correct liveries for all time periods.
  2. Locomotive classes 556.o, 534.o, 434.2, T 669.o, T 466.o, T 466.2, T 435.o cannot be turned around in consist.
  3. MU of classes 680, 471, EM 488.o, SM 488.o, EM 475.1, M 298.o, M 295.o do not have correct capacity displayed in the “Buy new vehicle” window.
  4. Short vehicles of classes M 120.4, M 131.1, M 152.o, T 435.o, T 466.o, T 466.2 will be screened by other vehicles if you buy them in existing consist. You have to take the vehicle out and insert in again.
  5. There is no shadow under the vehicles.

Known bugs in OpenTTD version

  1. Locomotives driving with tender in front do not produce smoke
  2. Some double parted vehicles are partially screened by others (eg. Modry sip, Hargita)
  3. Only 5 cars of class 680(Pendolino) will be bought.This bug was fixed in OpenTTD r11122.

What else will be in the final version of CSDset v1.5.0 ?

  1. Locomotives in Slovakian liveries (ES 499.o, ES 499.1, E 499.3, S 489.o, S 499.2, T 478.3, M 152.0, 840)
  2. refit of some cars to tourists(most likely first class coaches and dining cars)

S 182.69 KBD 21540×
S 183.20 KBD 16214×