It's already 3 years since original road set came to existence. And since we are trying to make everything better we could not miss the opportunity to enhance the so successful roads.

OK, let's go trough the changes in the version 2.0

The first and most obvious one is the new texture if the surface. It's compromise version that all artists and developers of the set agreed on.Also included is shading on corresponding sides of the hill and completely new and localized railway crossings. The set contains crossings for each climate and depending on type of crossed line.

Don't forget to checkout new passenger and cargo road stations and the new depot. Last but no least there are one-way signs and roads dead ends. After all following screen speaks for itself...

To allow for customisability we prepared two switches: crossings and bridge types.

Possible settings of the first switch (crossings):

  • 0 - automatic (default)
  • 1 - CS railroad tracks
  • 2 - original railroad tracks
  • 3 - no change

Possible settings of the second switch (bridges):

  • 0 - changed bridges(default)
  • 1 - no change

Now an example: newgrf/road-cs-(win;ottd).grf 1 1 - This allows you to use CS railroad tracks and not changed bridges.

The settings of the set and other important informations are in enclosed README.txt file, which is part of the download archive.

IMPORTANT: DOS and WIN NewGRF files need Unifont in minimal version 0.9.
S 159.56 KBD 11920×
S 159.51 KBD 13733×
S 158.69 KBD 3124×