The first major change to CSRailSet is the integration of the former CSTractionSet. The reason to join the two sets was simple -- el. traction is an integral part of the railway infrastracture and as such they belong together.

The second and rather significant improvement over the previous release is the addition of railway tracks for all other climates except Toyland. Now you can unleash your engineering talent on variety of terrains ranging from the snowy slopes of Alpine mountains to the barren plains of African deserts. You can bore tunnels under the unreachable white peaks and span valleys with multitude of bridges. In higher altitudes, tunnel portals and tracks get often buried under heaps of snow.

In such environment it is necessary to protect your tracks against wildlife freely roaming through the countryside. For that, we provided you with a choice of two fences. Those of you who have no sympathy for the little critters (or just dislike the eyesore that fences can be), we've provided the options to either use very simple company coloured owner markers as a replacement, or to disable fences altogether.

As your tracks finally reach the city, you may need to cross some roads that the local authority is unwilling to let you remove. At those times, you'll appreciate the railroad crossings available in this set.

Configuration options - parameter 1 (fences):

  • 0 - no fences or owner marks (default)
  • 1 - company colour owner marks
  • 2 - new fences
  • 3 - original fences

Configuration options - parameter 2 (el.traction):

  • 0 - CSD electric traction (default)
  • 1 - original TTD traction from ttdpbase(w).grf

Configuration options - parameter 3 (rails):

  • 0 - CSD rails (default)
  • 1 - original rails

Configuration options - parameter 4 (bridges):

  • 0 - bridges with CS tracks (default)
  • 1 - no bridges loaded

Example: newgrf/csrailset(w;o).grf 2 1 0 - use new fences, original TTD el.traction and CSD rails.

PS: You do not need to write the 0s if you're using the default settings (exception being if you want to use no fences and original traction, when the first 0 needs to be there).

WARNING: The DOS and Windows TTD version of this GRF requires Unifont GRF version 0.9 or greater.
S 130.94 KBD 12543×
S 130.87 KBD 12369×
S 129.94 KBD 3025×
S 122.02 KBD 9871×
S 121.88 KBD 7245×
S 121.00 KBD 3171×
S 124.21 KBD 6120×
S 124.30 KBD 4959×
S 123.44 KBD 3436×